Wood Fiber Reinforced

Pine & Maple Wood Reinforced RheVision®WM & WP Series

WP – Wood Pine

We purchase pine wood fiber from a processor based in Wisconsin. Pine is a soft wood that yields a light color with a traditional wood smell.

WM – Wood Maple

We purchase maple wood fiber from a processor based in Wisconsin, but available from many parts of North America. Maple wood yields a darker color and has little wood like smell.


Both our maple and pine wood comes from secondary processes. No trees are cut down for our material. Our wood fiber is claimed from the production of cabinetry and cut lumber. These shavings are hammer milled to a coarseness that provides us with maximum physical properties.

  • Stiffness
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Lower specific gravity than minerals
  • Excellent chemical and mold resistance
  • Colorable / Unique