Construction & Facilities Management

Value to our Clients

  • One Stop Shop
  • Less Owner Resources Required
  • Cost Savings by Continuous Maintenance

We are proud to serve as the Construction Commodity Manager and Alliance Partner at several automotive plants. This is a unique approach that varies from the traditional contractual relationship.

Under this approach to plant maintenance and construction projects, Aristeo is responsible for coordinating all projects at the plant level and throughout a given site. This includes estimating, scheduling all manpower, monitoring job progress so as to minimize overtime work, maximizing the usage of rented equipment, and providing steel fabricating services as required.

I appreciated your partnership here at Ford TCAP over the past 5 1/2 years…Aristeo delivered services that successfully carried this plant through production operations right on to plant closure and decommissioning.
~ Ford Motor Company

Following are the trades/commodities we typically self-perform:

  • Plant Demolition/Renovation
  • Excavation
  • Civil Work/Site Utilities
  • Concrete Structural/Flat-work
  • Carpentry/Interior Renovations

Aristeo Facility Management Services provides an economical program of non-production support service. Based on metrics and common system features, our program includes comprehensive management, coordination and delivery of non-production requirements including:

  • Janitorial
  • Building Maintenance
  • Landscape Services
  • Power House/Compressed Air House/HVAC
  • Wastewater Treatment Operations
  • Industrial Services
  • Site Monitoring